Welcome to Paradocks, Chesapeake’s   premier bar and nightclub! This locally owned bar and nightclub is the place to be for the 21+ crowd. We offer three different party areas; first, an awesome bar with daily/nightly parties and specials, second, a huge covered deck that allows you to enjoy the outside all year long and also a lounge with full bar, VIP area, stage and huge dance floor.

Our bar and lounge has over 40 TVs and 3 HD projector big screens. Whether you are looking to watch the big game, bet the horses or play pool we have the entertainment your looking for!

With our new menu now available, you can experience an array of food items including steaks, burgers, fresh seafood, sandwiches, and wings.  We offer daily food and beverage specials.   If your looking for catering for your party or office event we provide party platters for pick-up.

So if it’s nightlife you are looking for? We are the hottest Nightclub in Chesapeake. We have a live DJ on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. We host some of Tidewaters best  live entertainment every Thursday and Friday night in the Lounge at Paradock’s and we have great food and drink specials every Sunday Funday so check out our events page to see what’s going on and what band is playing!  Our bar and nightclub is the perfect place for your bachlor/bachlorette party, divorce party or just because and our deck can host your company’s holiday party, employee party or office mixer, adults only.  Don’t forget to ask your servers and bartenders for all the details. If you need a night out we are definitely the place for you!


Fred Blumer inherited the Blumer Brewing Company back in 1918.  The brewery is situated in Monroe, Wisconsin, just a hundred miles from Chicago, which was, back then, the center of decadence, violence, and dirty money during the time of the prohibition act.

Fred Blumer was unlucky enough to inherit an alcohol brewing company during the time when the prohibition act hit.  This basically rendered all his alcohol products as illegal.  In order to keep up, they struggled making non-alcoholic near-beer beverages.  This allowed them to make ends meet, but never really prosper.  Blumer knew that in order to flourish, he needed to supply the real deal which was where the money was.

Deep within the Blumer’s Brewing Company, they had a dealcoholizer which was a contraption that removed alcohol from the beer they have brewed.  Basically, all the alcohol collected was poured down the drain into the Monroe Sewage System which was in accordance with the prohibition law.

Discarding gallons upon gallons of alcohol did not exactly meet up with Fred so he devised a cover that allowed him to distribute alcohol to secret bars and pubs that distributed alcohol to the thirsty masses.  He stored the alcohol in milk containers wherein the police never really caught up with his nefarious distribution.  His main distribution ally, Canter, can both drive the truck and lift up the milk containers with pure alcohol in them, know more interesting stuffs regarding alchohol history check us at http://minhasdistillery.com/ to know more about the history of alchohol.

Establishments that provided near-beer beverages had some twist in their services.  All the customers needed to do was speak with the bartender and he will then add a shot of pure alcohol to your drink.  The distribution was a wide success that nearly all of Chicago were consuming Blumer alcohol.  In fact, the consumption rate was very high that the booze was being consumed as fast it is being made.

Of course, Blumer’s business did not go unnoticed as Chicago mobster, Gus Sanger, did not like that fact that Blumer was also distributing alcohol to competitions and started to view the operation of Blumer as a big problem.

On April 9th of 1931, Blumer received a phone call late at night from who claimed to be Wall Greens manager, a large distribution company that retails his old fashion root beer.  Despite not really knowing who was on the other line, he did not pass the opportunity to do business with Wall Greens.

At the agreed upon meeting place, Blumer met a man with a knife, got bound and blindfolded, and brought into the safehouse of Gus Sanger, a mobster and associate of Al Capone.  Gus then called Blumer’s wife, Bess and demanded a ransom for Blumer for a price of $150,000, which in today’s money is roughly 6 million.  However, the call did not end up well and Gus decided to just call the next day.  Bess then called Fred Blumer’s brother, Jacob and told him about the situation.  He calmly exclaimed to Bess to call the police and that he’ll be right over in the morning so they can start with the bargaining process.

The negotiations for Blumer’s freedom was on topsy-turvy as all Bess and Jacob could scrape off was $50,000, a third only of the initial bargaining price.  The mobster had no choice but accept the ransom so they scheduled a meet-up point on a gas station where the exchange would be made.  However, as Gus sent someone to scout the gas station, there were police in the area and so the deal was off.

Three days later, news of Blumer’s death were on the papers and so a manhunt for Gus Sanger was then established.  The thing is, Blumer is still very much alive and kicking.  Now, the only thing that is left to be done is to get rid of Blumer, so Gus sent out one of his buddies to get rid of Blumer.  He drove Blumer to Decatur, Illinois, about 200 miles south of Monroe.  Of course, getting rid of someone does not always mean death as surprisingly, Gus’ buddy released Blumer and simply told him “go on home Blumer.”

Gus Sanger was eventually caught and sentenced to life imprisonment.  The Noble Experiment Prohibition was also later reverted and alcohol consumption and alcohol making was once again legal.  Through the years, Blumer’s brewery have passed through 3 owners, yet the spirit of innovation along with the belief in creating high quality products regardless of circumstances is still alive today.